What You Need to Know Before Buying an EDM Wire Cutting Machine

What You Need to Know Before Buying an EDM Wire Cutting MachineWire cutting is one of the most basic forms of EDM machinery. It works in a similar way to the regular copper wire saws, except it has a variable speed for cutting and slightly bigger blades for it. Most of these machines are fixed in place on a table or a workbench. They will rotate when the wire gets to the desired length and make holes for cutting. A lot of wire cutting is associated with electrical tasks. In fact, it was invented to cut the wires needed to power electric motors. It has a lot of other uses too, like cutting the bundles of fiber optics. In order to use this tool, the user must have the proper tools. Most of these machines can be bought directly from a metalworking shop or they can be made by you at home, if you are skilled at making things like this. There are various pieces of wire, which will need to be cut. These can range from bundles of copper wire, aluminum wires, plastic wires, nylon and even wire insulation. The different types of wires, as well as the required lengths and angles, vary with each machine. In EDM wire cutting, the working distance and rotation speeds will vary. While the speed can vary from a few inches per second, to several miles per hour, depending on the desired length of the wires. The rotating part of the machine has a tooth that comes in contact with the wire. These teeth are cut with the saw, creating a small cut and the entire wire is cut by the EDM machine. The EDM machine may be purchased directly from a metalworking shop or it can be made by you at home, if you are skilled at making things like this. You will need to have all the necessary parts for this type of machine. All the blades, motors, voltage converters, loaders, pulleys, holders, and pinchers must all be present. The blade and gear assemblies, which the wire comes through, are found on the right side of the saw. You will need to take these apart, to ensure that the wire can cut easily. There will be a clamp on the left end of the saw, which holds the blade assembly. If you do not have one, then you can get one from a hardware store or a reworking shop. Be sure to have enough clearance, so that there is room for the cable to run through. Now, if you have completed all of the necessary parts for your EDM wire cutting machine, you will need to have the appropriate electric power supply. You will also need to have a manual that will instruct you on how to use the machine properly.

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